How Dynamics 365 Finance Can Enhance Your Business’s Operations

365 Finance is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that helps your business not only keep track of its daily financial performance in real-time but allows you to make data-driven decisions. This unique software can further benefit your business by stimulating growth and improving the overall productivity of your team.

Let’s have a look at how Dynamics 356 for Finance and Operations can enhance your finance team productivity.

Make informed financial decisions with AI

With Dynamics 365, you will have access to detailed reporting capabilities, real-time analytics, and financial intelligence. This software contains machine learning predictive recommendations that will help increase your business’s profits and enhance overall cash flow with proactive guidance for timely customer payments.

The software also contains flexible and agile financial reporting that can take the stress out of foreign exchange and multiple legal entities. You can also seamlessly integrate with exchange rate providers such as OANDA reducing the workload of your financial team for maintaining the rates manually. The benefits of this software will allow you to simplify your business management and close your books faster!

Smarter and Faster automation 

When it comes to the financial process, as a business, you want to be able to manage and stay on top of your workload.

With the Office 365 integration, you can get more done with templates that allow you to customise invoices and statements that you can quickly adapt to any changing business requirements saving you time and money.

With global entry forms, Dynamic 365 users can effortlessly create purchase invoices for purchase orders while avoiding the nuisance of switching between multiple legal entities/companies. With localisation features, finance teams can also produce reports that are specific to each country’s regulatory requirements.

The software contains role-based work spaces that allow you to automate and prioritise financial tasks through predictive insights, along with automated recurring billing that can accurately calculate and report your financial statements.

Conquer Operational Costs 

By using Dynamic 365, you can run your business more efficiently through financial planning, analysis, budget control and automation allows you to reduce your overall costs!

The software contains in-built capabilities that allow you to plan your budgets with different workflow stages for approvals allowing you to prepare for the future.

Reduce Your Financial Risk

With continuous updates, you can easily adjust to changing global financial regulatory requirements with the use of Dynamics 365 flexible.

Take advantage of rule-based and guided charts with dimensions and accounts that allow you to manage no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payments and reporting formats. The software also has an in-built audit workbench that assists your finance team to run sampling and give further control as well as visibility to duplicate expenses and monitoring of high spenders.

By using Dynamics 365, you reduce your risks as a business and improve your overall governance, ensuring compliance around 37 countries and 42 languages.

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