Introducing the “Quiet Times” Preview Feature

Quiet Times is a new feature designed to provide businesses with greater control over when their messages are sent out. The primary objective is to prevent outreach during inappropriate times, whether due to regulations, business policies, or other considerations. Whether it’s weekends, holidays, or overnight hours, Quiet Times lets businesses pause message delivery until it’s the right time.

Just so you know: This is a preview feature. It’s provided for early access and feedback. It’s not recommended for production use at this stage, especially for processing personal or legally sensitive data.


Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

Configurable Quiet Hours and Dates: Easily set up weekly quiet hours or specific quiet dates. Want to avoid sending emails on weekends or during a holiday? Quiet Times has got you covered.

Message Type Differentiation: Businesses can distinguish between commercial and transactional messages. This is pivotal as while commercial messages might not be suitable for odd hours, transactional ones like purchase confirmations might be essential to deliver immediately.

Channel-Specific Settings: Quiet Times can be differentiated based on the channel. For instance, while an email in the middle of the night might be tolerable, a text message might not be. Set quiet times as per channel sensitivity.

A future release will also accommodate push notifications.


How to Set It Up?

Enabling the Preview: First, you need to enable the feature using developer tools. Once enabled, the Quiet Times preview will appear under the Settings of the Customer Insights – Journeys app.

Exact Instructions: Open developer tools in your browser, go to the Console, and execute the following command:

getGlobalContextObject().saveSettingValue(‘msdynmkt_IsQuietTimeFeatureEnabled’, true)

Once the command has been run, you need to hard refresh your browser. The quiet times preview appears in the Settings of the Customer Insights – Journeys app after that.

Setting Quiet Times: Head to Settings > Customer engagement > Quiet times. Choose the channel, specify the quiet times, and you’re good to go.

Quiet Times and Journeys: Each journey has its time zone, ensuring that quiet times are adhered to according to the specific journey’s time zone.


Points to Remember:

  • The initial time you create and save a quiet time configuration, the system prompts you to determine if you’d like this applied across all current journeys and communications. Choosing “Apply to all” ensures the quiet time configuration is integrated with every Compliance profile. Opting for “Decide later” allows you the flexibility to incorporate the quiet time configuration to specific compliance profiles at a later time.
  • Quiet Times is not just a convenience; for many organizations, it’s a regulatory requirement. Make sure you integrate it into the relevant compliance profiles for your messages.
  • If your organization utilizes business units, the Quiet Times you set up will be available across all compliance profiles, journeys, and messages within your unit.


With Quiet Times, Microsoft is undoubtedly taking steps to enhance user control over messaging, ensuring that communications are as timely and appropriate as they are effective. We can’t wait for our clients to test out this feature and provide feedback for its full release.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, and if you have questions about integrating this feature or any other Microsoft solutions into your business operations, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


You can find more information about quiet times here