Unloan Innovations Achieve Remarkable Success

In the dynamic world of financial services, Unloan, a pioneering division of Commbank, is revolutionising the home loan experience in Australia. Through their innovative partnership with 365 Mechanix, Unloan has achieved remarkable success, enabling them to secure the prestigious Mozo Experts Choice Award for Best New Home Loan. In this post, we’ll delve into the journey of Unloan, highlighting their accomplishments, industry impact, and the exceptional solutions that have set them apart.

A Tech-First Partnership:

Unloan’s commitment to reimagining home loans and streamlining the lending process brought them together with 365 Mechanix even before their market launch. With a shared passion for leveraging technology and minimising manual intervention, Unloan challenged themselves and 365 Mechanix to deliver the fastest “time to yes” in the Australian market for home loans. Considering that the industry average for this process is around three weeks, Unloan’s ambitious goal required a game-changing approach.

365 Mechanix has played a pivotal role in Unloan’s success by providing a range of Microsoft-based services tailored to their specific business requirements. Their expertise and adaptability have helped Unloan automate processes and reduce manual intervention in the home loan origination process. By leveraging the Dynamics product suite, which includes Sales, Marketing, and Omnichannel capabilities, Unloan has been able to streamline their operations. Manual tasks that would usually hold up a traditional loan progression such as data entry, requests for additional information and a variety of communications channels have been automated. Thanks to 365 Mechanix’s solutions, Unloan can now deliver credit decisions within an impressive seven days, significantly faster than the industry average.

Outpacing the Market:

Through their collaboration with 365 Mechanix, Unloan has developed a home loan process that surpasses competitors in terms of speed and efficiency. By utilising cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of automation, Unloan has become the unrivalled leader among digital home lenders in Australia. Since their launch in May 2022, Unloan has achieved extraordinary growth, settling over $2 billion in loans within less than a year, solidifying their position as a major player in the market.

One of the key advantages of partnering with 365 Mechanix is the ongoing support it provides to Unloan and the unrivalled access to new features released by Microsoft. By tapping into the expertise and resources of 365 Mechanix, Unloan can continuously enhance their product and service offerings with cutting-edge technology before many of its competitors. This invaluable support ensures that Unloan remains at the forefront of innovation, delivering a superior home loan experience to their customers.

Award-Winning Innovation:

The collaborative efforts of Unloan and 365 Mechanix have not gone unnoticed. Unloan’s groundbreaking approach to home loans has earned them the prestigious Mozo Experts Choice Award. This recognition serves as a testament to the quality of Unloan’s product offerings and the effectiveness of their partnership with 365 Mechanix. Winning such an esteemed award bolsters Unloan’s reputation in the market and positions them to attract an even larger customer base.

The Impact of the Partnership:

Nadeesh Perera, Chief Customer Officer at Unloan, emphasises the instrumental role played by 365 Mechanix: “The team at 365 Mechanix, spearheaded by industry leader Bruce Sithole, has been an absolute rock for Unloan. Apart from their technical proficiency to leverage native Dynamics functionality and customise, the team is personable, understanding, and able to act with urgency where required.” This testimonial highlights the exceptional support and expertise provided by 365 Mechanix throughout the partnership.

Unloan and 365 Mechanix have forged a powerful partnership, revolutionising the home loan experience in Australia. Through their collaboration, Unloan has emerged as a market leader, delivering an efficient and customer-centric approach to home loans. The Mozo Experts Choice Award serves as validation for their innovative solutions, reaffirming Unloan’s commitment to excellence. With continued support from 365 Mechanix, Unloan is poised to further enhance their reputation and attract even more customers as they continue to grow throughout the industry and beyond.